PRW Racing Development

We work with teams who run our chassis and offer rental packages for local weekly racing series as well as touring series such as the CARS Tour. Packages are available for LMSC as a full Late Model or a Limited Late Model.

The price for these races depend on a few factors. These would include which team, the amount of races run, and sponsorship.

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Each team uses a Harrington Enforcer motor for all local tracks and a built motor for tracks where a built motor is necessary. At some tracks, a different motor will be more beneficial to you as the driver.

For most teams, this is a 100% show up and race package. All aspects of the team are provided such as a spotter, crew chief, crew, etc. The driver will need to bring safety gear. The driver is also responsible for their own family/friends/sponsors race pit passes, entertainment, hospitality, etc. Feel free to contact us for advice/information on the many options we can provide.