About Us
In November 2010 Performancenter was purchased by Roger Johnson. In 2011 Marlowe Race Chassis merged with Performancenter Racing Warehouse. The LTO and MRC chassis’ were been combined and evolved into the new PRW chassis.

Performancenter is a NASCAR and CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car business. We have a huge inventory of parts and keep what you need for your late model stock car. We build and develop new parts all the time. Once they have proven to be an advantage, we sell them to our customers. The shop is 48,000 square feet of pure racing. We welcome you to come and check out our shop, look at any of our cars and hopefully purchase a chassis or clip from us. We welcome any and all new customers.

Countless hours have been invested in developing the PRW Chassis. The chassis’ and spindles have been digitized and professionally plotted for true roll center and all other related points. We can show you anything you need to know about your late model and assure you that Performancenter’s design is where you want to be. The PRW Chassis is a proven winner on the track. We are here to prove what we can do for you, and that is WIN! It’s that simple. We race what we sell and win with what we sell. Track support and set-up advice are readily available. We are at the track every race weekend helping our customers.

We feel the thrill of victory and agony of defeat with every customer. Fortunately we get to experience the victory part most often. The past few years have been huge for the our brand and we have won numerous races, championships, and other accolades and continue to work harder to improve our product. It is to our benefit to help our customers finish their very best every week. With the engineering background of owner Roger Johnson, we offer custom in-house set-ups and consulting along with suspension and chassis pull down analysis. We hope that you will stop by and see what we have to offer.